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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Phish 1994: 20 Years Later 04/28/1994 West Palm Beach, FL

Total festy set here but some personal ties for me.  First off West Palm Beach is a second home for me with family down there for over 40 years now.  My Aunt and Uncle attended this show on my plea for them to check out Phish.  While they had never heard a note of Phish before this day, they are both now and then long haired rockers right out of the mid 80's with an appreciation for good Rock music, my Uncle's hair longer than my Aunt's.  So I knew they'd appreciate the idea of it and I THINK still to this day they did enjoy the show!

SunFest is a pretty neat little annual music and arts festival and downtown West Palm.  I actually had the pleasure of attending myself in 1997 with Steve Miller headlining in a year when I actually lived there.  I can only imagine from my own experience how neat it must have been to have a relatively unknown cult band like Phish drop in on the festival.  I do remember them telling me it was apparent a hippie band with a following was playing.

Nothing really worthwhile mentioning here with this one off set with Blues Traveler also on the bill.  Having listened to this set many times over the years for my own personal reasons and really posterity, this set reminds me of the Santana opening sets of 92 just longer with a couple extra tracks and an encore.

The Teac ME-80 source was the only source for this show for a good 15 or so years until we got a different one dropped.  I dig this source though and it really helped me gain some appreciation for these inexpensive Nak clone microphones which definitely were run undercover in an otherwise non taping environment at SunFest.  Extra love for those tapers who get it done stealth.

stream 4/28/94
download 4/28/94

setlist courtesy of

Link Thursday, 04/28/1994
SunFest, West Palm Beach, FL

Soundcheck: Reggae Jam, Funky Bitch, Magilla, Ginseng Sullivan, Blues Jam
EncoreGolgi Apparatus

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