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Monday, April 14, 2014

Phish 1994: 20 Years Later 04/14/1994 New York, NY

I really think the lingering effects of Trey's ankle injury played into these Beacon shows not really being over the top.  The first real over the top show of this tour in my opinion doesn't drop until Winston-Salem on 4/21.  Regardless, and for whatever reason any one of us wants to speculate, this Beacon run is a lot of fun but very average overall in performance for the year.

Big picture which is what I like to talk, this second night 4/14 is a very well rounded show.  Kicking off with my favorite combo of Runaway Jim, Foam, both played incredibly well and a lot of fun.  Always wished they'd do this more and with the segue.

This show is really near flawless in terms of execution.  And while I wasn't there, I don't recall the status of Trey for these shows in terms of stool or no stool.  I really don't remember him needing one after 4/10.  Another Demand which is nice to see come up in the setlist again and a very very tasty Split Open and Melt about sums of the rest of the first set.

The Antelope for me is the highlight of the show.  Around 13 minutes in length it does not disappoint.  This is the that Antelope you want to put on in the car when driving home from a show late night.  Incredibly executed Horse>Silent, pretty straight forward YEM with guest audience member on tramps who fails to know the routine with Mike.  Love how Trey acknowledges how great the theatre sounds when getting ready for the un amplified part of the set.  Slave is very above average for 94 but it's no Kansas City.  Regardless a great way to close and in my mind a really well balanced, complete Phish show.  Onward to Friday night, easily the best of the run.

Basically the same sources as the first night and they all sound great as expected in this beautiful theatre.  The B&K's list FOB which is always nice.

stream 4/14/94
download 4/14/94

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Link Thursday, 04/14/1994
Beacon Theatre, New York, NY

EncoreRocky Top
[1] Random Note signal.
[2] Acoustic, without microphones.
[3] Debut; acoustic, without microphones.

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