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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Phish 1994: 20 Years Later 04/16/1994 Amherst, MA

With the burden of a 3 night stand in NYC behind them, the band heads back to Phish country for one more show before turning back to go down South for the rest of April.  Interesting little one off date at UMass Amherst Mullins Center, the site of what would be some excellent Phish shows over the years.

Trey goes back to his staple Jim opener and gets probably his best rendition of the tour easily topping Montreal and Buffalo and maybe just a slight slight edge over the really good Beacon version.  This show marks the first version of Axilla II which is something even today I wish they would give a spin.

Stash is the highlight of this show.  At nearly 13 minutes this version is absolutely smoking.  Must hear.  A really nice and jumpy Antelope closes up set two complete with secret language and Nellie Kane teases.

Our every other daily dose of Sample gets the crowd moving for the second set, into Poor Hear and then only our second Tweezer thus far of the tour.  Miss when Tweezer was a little bit more of a treat.  1994 was a fantastic year for this song and this version is no slouch.  You Enjoy Myself with Trey touching base with the Vibration of Life and getting Brad up to substitute on the tramps wraps up the memories of this night.

Possibly a more complete show than most of what we heard in NYC.  This show hits a lot of what you need with some really nice improvisation, new song debuts, Mikegrass tune, top tier version of Stash, some antics and a couple big tracks.  Really good show but not in the league of a Binghamton or even Penn State.  Binghamton pre step in a hole in Buff-a-lo has really weighed on the last week of shows.  Here's to looking forward...

Dave Flaschner once again has our back along with Tom McMinn with a nice FOB AKG source.  The B&K's make another appearance on tour with credits going to possibly Mike Weitzman, seed from Kevin Shapiro and Chris Moore.  And not to forget Bob Brown who in 93/94 graciously covered some important Phish shows like Tom McMinn.  Team AKG for the win!

That's it for the Northeast until July when the magic really happens.  At this point I can't get to Winston-Salem fast enough!

stream 4/16/94
download 4/16/94

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Link Saturday, 04/16/1994
Mullins Center, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

[1] Trey sang verses through megaphone.
[2] Debut.
[3] Simpsons signal.

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