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Friday, April 18, 2014

Phish 1994: 20 Years Later 04/18/1994 Newark, DE

I always remember the Bob Carpenter Center show as being the Big Phil show.  I only got to hang with Big Phil a few times mostly in and around the tapers section in the mid 90's as he knew many of the tapers from that era and also thought it was a cool place to dig on a show from time to time.  Really nice guy who was an old friend of Trey's but was still genuinely a true Phish Phan.  So he got to sit in on tramps this night during Mike's for the still ailing Trey.

I also remember Bob Carpenter Center as a tape collector as being a really energetic show.  Perhaps they were excited for the impending day off after 6 consecutive nights.  Or maybe people like Big Phil and Sue Statesir were in attendance.  Maybe they just love Delaware, this was a bigger venue and they just needed to bring the heat.  Who knows but it's fun to speculate isn't it?

Also dug this first set.  REALLY tasty Chalkdust.  Jam this one LOUD (and be ready for the abrupt taper level adjustment 25 seconds in).  A signature Glide with that 94 feel of precision and spot on vocals.  Many choice selections executed very strongly with a rare Oh Kee Pa >AC/DC Bag closer.  I'm sure phans were caught a little off guard with the Bag, but it made for a really neat closer in a time when this tune was a treat.  Additionally, it had been a couple years since this combo had been played together after much rotation in 90/91.

The second half of this second set is easily where it's at.  A very nice Yamar dedicated by Trey to Sue, and this is where the fireworks begin.  This tops version of Yamar leads into a very electric Mike's that melts into a beautiful TMWSIY.  First of the tour and in 32 shows since Darien Snake.  This takes us into what sounded to me like one of the better Down with Diseases of the tour to this point.  Way to finish this show off and give Weekapaug a well deserved night off.  Don't sleep on the Bathtub either at 10 minutes.

Unfortunately we only have one source of this show, a stock AKG source that sounds very nice.  Sounds to me though like there could be some digital noise and potential overloading of the levels going on in spots on this recording.  Warts and all, it's still a nice pull.  Hopefully someday we can unearth a new take on the sound in the room this night.

stream 4/18/94
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Link Monday, 04/18/1994
Bob Carpenter Center, University of Delaware, Newark, DE

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