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Friday, April 25, 2014

Phish 1994: 20 Years Later 04/22/1994 Columbia, SC

This is a really interesting show for me.  One I've always really liked but a mixed bagged in my eyes.  Some small flubs mixed with some superior jamming, average song selection yet some neat pairings.

Pretty standard 94 first set highlighting only a non conventional Bowie with some neat start and stop dark jamming.  Really cool version at almost 15 minutes.  Llama opener rages pretty hard as well.  The spinners love Horse>Silent.

The magic on this night happens in the Tweezer>Lifeboy.  Hardly a better tune to come out of any Tweezer in my mind.  This pairing on this night is pretty magical.  The Julius/Runaway Jim that sandwich the magic of Reba, Tweezer Lifeboy deserve honorable mention with some filthy leftovers from Winston-Salem the night before.  Extra fussy Jim.  Check it out.

Reba soars as many do this year.  Don't let a couple flubs in this or any show jade you.  That's some Phish education (part I).  Some very excellent music to be had in this show, a show plopped in the middle of two of the better of this month.

Dr. Jack comes out for his standard South Carolina sit in with Bill Bailey.  Lots and lots to love about this band as this year rolls on.

Linda Webster makes her first appearance of the tour with her AKG contribution!  I got to hang with Linda Webster only a couple times in 94/95 but was never formally introduced.  I remember her hooking Don Wright up with DATs of I think the two Texas shows in missed at Niagara Falls 95.  Last time I personally saw her.  Big time contributor to the Phish community in the early years.  Someone we all owe a debt of gratitude too.  As Linda would always say; Peace, Love and Phish.

stream 4/22/94
download 4/22/94

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Link Friday, 04/22/1994
Township Auditorium, Columbia, SC

[1] Dr. Jack McConnell on piano.
[2] Dr. Jack McConnell on piano and lead vocals.
· Baby Elephant Walk tease in Tweezer

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