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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Phish 1994: 20 Years Later 04/05/1994 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Feeling it on 4/5/14.  Feeling 4/5/94 and years and years of listening to it.  Second night of the tour and first opportunity to get down and dirty.  Montreal proved to be the perfect show to get this thing up and running and really challenge the band after their layoff since New Years.  Burlington > Montreal, two amazing cities and a great young band really peaking, had to be amazing on the road between these shows.

Jim>Foam in old school fashion blazed their way to start things up, followed by an excellent Fluffhead and then Glide creates a real vintage feel.  An otherwise standard first set with a nicely place AC/DC Bag set closer wraps things up.

This show over the years always struck a chord with me in the exceptional song selection.  Really loaded with favorites.  A bouncy second set gets going with Peaches and a beefy Yamar. The first of many top shelf Tweezers helps to highlight this really straightforward second set.  If I Could became a favorite from Hoist not only because the album version with Allison Kraus being so tasty, but Trey in 94/95 made this song one of the more passionate and soulful in his soloing of really any song in rotation at this time.  Montreal is a nice example of this and offers a little bit longer version than the one in Burlington.

All in all a fun show with superb song selection and really excellent playing all things considered.  Probably right down the middle of show quality for this year.  Nothing really too stand out or ground breaking, but the sound play and nice song selection make it a show worth revisiting every now and again.

The extended warm up to the tour really just continued on in Montreal as the band moved west to Canada's largest city Toronto.  Nice sounding audience again from the B&K 4011's.  If you ever had this show in your collection or really listened to it at any time over the years, this was the source you had.  A new source surfaced recently but I've yet to sample it.

It should also be noted that Kurt Cobain died on this date.  And while there's no real correlation between Phish and Nirvana outside of certainly many Phish phans of this time were surely also fans of the music of Nirvana as was I.  Simply thought it would be interesting to at least mention that Kurt committed suicide 5 months to the day that he played a show at the University of Buffalo Amherst Alumni Arena on 11/5/93 (same night the Jerry Garcia Band played the Buffalo Aud).  So 5 months later he took his own life, which was 5 days before Phish would play the same Alumni Arena on 4/10/94.  Strange days.

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Link Tuesday, 04/05/1994
The Metropolis, Montréal, Québec, Canada

[1] Without amplification.

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