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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Phish 1994: 20 Years Later 04/15/1994 New York, NY

This show performance wise was the clincher of this run.  While not even a top 3 show of the past week or so as there's nothing to write home about, it's as sound a performance as you could want.  Sure there nothing really out there and not a lot of psychedelics, but there is definitely something in the playing the eclipses the previous few shows.  Friday night?  Horns?  Last of three?  Who knows.  But the fire is present.

Llama, Guelah, Silas, great start.  Then an absolutely magnificent Hood.  Really magical and perhaps the best improvisational moment of the run.  Finally we get a really worked up Chalkdust.  Far superior version to Montreal and Buffalo.  Real start and stop 94, very playful Trey.  Solid 9 minute It's Ice and a bubbly Down with Disease repeat to close it out.  Really like this set a lot.

Scorching Maze set II opener with a nice heavy jam is a nice way to carry into the set.  As always with guests, you can tell just in the playing that Trey is extra giddy for the Horns.  Landlady is breath taking.  Really crisp notes and everyone is moving in sync with the music.  Flawlessly executed.  Big time Julius with the horns blasting right through your ears on this tape.  Nice to hear this song grow a little and take another step forward.  Best run through of this song yet as well.

Another Magilla treat with the Giant Country Horns and that's a wrap on the 3 night Beacon run.  Certainly below any expectations performance wise, but a lot of fun, some well played versions of a few key songs and another appearance of the GCH on night three.  Hopefully we can get over this Hoist stuff and really get on with this tour.  Worth noting this as possibly the first time the Wilson chant was heard.

The FOB Eliot Byron tapes of this run are fantastic.  Outside of a little crowd chatter due to being FOB, the sound really pours through.  Played on a decent component stereo system, you will get a really nice perspective on what it sounded like to be in the room up close during these shows.

stream 4/15/94
download 4/15/94

setlist courtesy of

Link Friday, 04/15/1994
Beacon Theatre, New York, NY

EncoreMagilla[1]Amazing Grace
[1] Giant Country Horns.
[2] Giant Country Horns. Incomplete - only one verse performed.

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