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Friday, April 11, 2014

Phish 1994: 20 Years Later 04/11/1994 Durham, NH

Phish took tour back to New England from one University to another.  With a hobbled Trey in tow, this one off show in New Hampshire prior to a very much anticipated 3 night stand at the Beacon Theater in NYC didn't really have a chance from the get go.

Regardless, this is 1994 and well New Hampshire is a pretty damn cool place.  While this show is certainly well into the bottom half in terms of rankings in this year, I always thought it had a great feel to it and a little extra bite than the night before in Buffalo.  Maybe it's the Caravan opener, which with Magilla has one wondering what was on their mind in terms of jazz improvisation in April 94.  But also, whether just contrived in my brain or not, I just think New England Phish shows are different, in a good way.

Pretty standard first set with some nice choice selections including the two already referenced jazz takes.  Love the feel of the Caravan opener.  This version is excellent and really fun.  It would be played 3 more times this year and once more on New Years run in Philly 1996.  Retired to this date.  More first set nuggets with a really solid Foam, Fast Enough for You and (another) Magilla.  Worth noting this is an extra beautiful Fast Enough for You, a reasonably rare treat at any show in 94.

Forbins drop in the second set is always a welcome sight, with reference to a fall in a hole, a good hole.  Actually pretty humorous of Trey to poke fun at himself.  The comedy about this band that I love so much.  Really cool narration.  Brad sits in on tramps for a 20+ minute YEM which would become a revolving role until Trey could resume when healthy.  Oh Kee Pa>Suzy and a Possum encore which is far from routine wraps up this pre Beacon one off show.  Nothing really wrong with this show outside of missing any real memorable improvisation which is needed for any real value.  Spoiled phans on 94 tour did get a nice choice of routine 94 songs that are highly sought after in today's Phish scene.  So if you're in the mood to dig into some raw 94 Foam, Glide, Divided, 2001, Maze, Forbins, you'll enjoy this listen.

Dave Flaschner once again comes through for the Phish Community and pulls an excellent recording with his AKG rig.  This is the only source to date of this show and likely at this point, the only one we will ever see.  I should ask Dave to guest on these blogs to get some of his perspective on these shows.  Seems like he was at many of them.  There was a fresh transfer done from Dave's masters again by Jason Sobel in 2007 addressing the dreaded pre emphasis issue.  This new transfer is the one you want.

stream 4/11/94
download 4/11/94

setlist courtesy of

Link Monday, 04/11/1994
Snivley Arena, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

[1] Without microphones.

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