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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

[BT] Auldrige Bennett Gaudreau w/Vassar Clements 06/15/02 Lakeside Park, Mayville, NY sbd>dat (new show in circulation)

This is a new show to circulation...

The Mike Auldridge, Richard Bennett and Jimmy Gaudreau Band
with very special guest Vassar Clements
1st Annual Mayville Bluegrass Festival
Lakeside Park
Mayville, NY

**16 bit**

Source: sbd>Sony TCD-D8 (44.1)
Transfer: Master DAT Sony D8>Sony RCD-W500C>EAC>WAV>Macbook>Sound Studio 3.6(fades, normalize peak, +gain, track)> xACT 2.13(align on sector boundaries, encode, tag, fingerprint)>flac16 (level 8 )
Taped & transferred by: Big Daddy Buffalo
Tracking, processing, setlist and seeding by: Lenny Stubbe

One Set: (2:03:52)

01. intro/tuning
02. We Live in Two Different Worlds (H. Williams)
03. Hold Whatcha Got (J. Martin)
04. Honey You Don't Know My Mind (Skinner)
05. Dixie Hoedown (Traditional/instrumental)
06. The Wayfaring Stranger (Traditional)
07. Silence Your Tears* (Auldridge)
08. instrumental (unknown recorded track from 1973)
09. Song For A Winter's Night (Lightfoot)
10. Nine Pound Hammer (Monroe)
11. Ginseng Sullivan (N. Blake)
12. Sunny Side Of The Mountain (J. Martin)
13. instrumental (Clements)
14. Some Old Day (Flatt/Scruggs)
15. Pick Away (instrumental/Auldridge)
16. Little Sadie (Traditional)
17. Summer Wages (Tyson)
18. Gonna Settle Down (Flatt/Scruggs)
19. This Old Town (Auldridge)
20. instrumental (unknown)
21. This Morning at Nine (S. Campbell)
22. Lonesome Fiddle Blues (Clements)

23. encore break/announcements
24. John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man (A. Carter)

- Set 1 intro/tuning is 05:32 long
- *w/ special guest on bass
- FLAC tags do not include original artist credits. They are only listed in the text file for reference
- Big thanks to Big Daddy Matt for getting me the files to share this gem!

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